The origins of Air Experimental date over a decade ago, when a small defense contractor on a SBIR grant contacted us to conduct flight tests of their system. After several successful operations, we became their flight test division. Due to the capability their system offered in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the massive political and financial support from JIEDDO /JIDA, the program grew, and we grew with them.

During the course of these tests we were asked to provide a variety of rotorcraft, obscure aircraft data, extremely precise and customized navigational instrumentation, and other technical modifications and customizations. Our capabilities and the breadth of our services grew with each new challenge.

After years of performing test and integration services for so many missions, managing regulatory and insurance hurdles and interfacing with different bases, we formed Air Experimental to bring our expertise and professional services under one roof to cater exclusively to your rotorcraft test and integration needs.

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The Team


Jared Blanton – Director of Operations

Jared brings more than 18 years of experience in strategic management and technical product development to the team, and directs each and every project with a focus on efficiency and safety. His expertise with technical issues arising during test and integration make him an invaluable problem-solver on the ground and in the air. His blend of technical savvy, aviation skills, and business acumen drive the successful completion of all flight projects at Air Experimental.

Patrick Acton – Program Director and Regulatory Specialist

A pilot and certified airframe mechanic skilled at crafting solutions to tricky integrations, Patrick brings an exhaustive working knowledge of FAA regulations and over 10 years’ experience with systems test and airframe integration to the team. Chiefly responsible for all FAA and base communications and documentation, he manages the granular details of Air Experimental programs to keep our clients’ projects moving smoothly at every phase.

Allan Griffin – Chief Pilot

As an Army Cobra pilot Allan flew a broad range of weapon systems; including fixed and turreted mini-guns and cannons, precision guided missiles and non-precision rockets, in addition to the requisite tactics training for offensive and defensive air-to-ground and ground support operations. Allan is also a Certified Flight Instructor which keeps him close to the basics of airmanship and proficient with emergency procedures. Allan’s knowledge and experience is an indispensable resource for our clients when planning their air operations.

Brian Plasky – Base Interface Specialist

With decades of work with the DoD, Brian brings extensive experience directing every aspect of defense systems test. He specializes in FAA regulations and Defense requirements for UAS and Experimental aircraft operations within the National Airspace System, DoD restricted airspace, and over public, private, or U.S. Government land. His familiarity with the DoD and his experience managing projects at different bases has given him a deep understanding of the system, the people, and regulations. Every base has its idiosyncrasies; Brian anticipates and manages them expertly.

Damian Matthews – Integrations Engineer

Damian is a skilled manager of aircraft integration with a keen awareness of time, cost, and safety. His aptitude with computer-aided design, analysis and simulation are crucial to navigate the unique challenges that helicopters present to systems integrators. He also brings extensive machining and fabrication experience to Air Experimental, enhancing our projects with his unique and rare complement of skills. As an approved DoD contractor with an extraordinarily diverse and accomplished engineering background, Damian is an invaluable resource to our clients.



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