Our extensive connections to rotary wing aircraft, operators, and pilots, affords us the ability to find the perfect platform to match your mission profile. Whether civil or military, we can provide nearly any airframe your mission requires. We have modified many aircraft for increased mounting capabilities, standardized weapons mounts, high capacity electrical output, and additional navigational instrumentation. By using an aircraft we have previously contracted, your program can forego the costs of expensive modifications and the time-consuming regulatory approval process.


Engineering and Integration Services

We assist our clients with every aspect of integrating projects to aircraft, including electrical, mechanical, navigational, and aerodynamic integration. Our relationships with skilled vendors means integration of your project will always be top-tier.

Icon03Defense and Civil Regulatory Compliance

You benefit from our years of experience dealing with FAA and Department of Defense test flight requirements, protecting your test flight from being halted by unforeseen regulation or base requirements.

Drone Specific or Platform Independent

Whether your program is destined for drones or is platform-independent, it’s often easier to get early data in a manned aircraft with prototype equipment. Save the hassle of downlinks. Manage issues in person and in real time. Additionally, using manned aircraft is a great tool in developing your program toward drone platforms.


Our network of insurers underwrites every aspect of your program, from hull to payload to general liability. We build an insurance package to meet the requirements and responsibilities of each unique mission. Don’t risk your program to the unexpected.

Icon06Customer Service

Our job doesn’t end at the hangar. Our goal is to ensure your time on range goes as planned, but our experience with prototype testing has taught us to always expect the unexpected, especially when flying in remote areas. We are there to assist you and your team in any capacity. We know what it takes to get the job done right—which sometimes means pulling all-nighters. If you’re there, we’re there every step of the way.

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